DIY of the Day – January 30th, 2017

Style with a budget: fuzzy stools!

The stool is $5 from Ikea and instead of using the Ren Sheepskin, I went to my local fabric store and purchased light pink and light grey faux fur to use. I also bought a mini pillow to put on top of the stool for some tooshie love on an otherwise hard stool. Staple gunned the heck out of it and voila!

Full link from kitchy kitchen:

faux fur stools instructions.jpg

OUTFITS OF THE DAY – January 25th, 2017

Even though the rain has stopped for now in Los Angeles, California – the chill factor still exists.

Left to Right:

I love the camel sweater over striped long sleeve with black pants, just wish I could perfect that tousled loose bun look.

This bow sweater  is Gayle from J. Crew with the Joseph wool and cashmere coat over it.

This is my classic soft sweater, ripped jeans look and I add a belt to make it seem a little more put together.

Outfits of the Day – January 23rd, 2017

I haven’t really been into the faux jacket craze these past years because the typical basic Hollywood girl wears it paired with a bandage dress and heels. I feel like that’s so 2+ years ago, but when I see it styled like the photos above, I say – FAUX SURE!